All the good stuff! Personnel benefits at Rigforce.

Great people are the core of our business, and every year we try to revisit the ways we can show our crew how much we appreciate them. Over the last few months we’ve been working on new ways to support and reward our personnel.

With the end of the year approaching, we thought we’d take the opportunity to run through some of the new personnel benefits we’ve been working on – and remind you about some of the existing ones you may not be taking advantage of!

FIFO Families Member Benefits

If you’ve been reading Offshore On Topic, the Rigforce blog, you’ll know that we’re very proud to have recently become a partner of FIFO Families. Not only is FF one of the best support networks around for FIFO workers and their families, it offers a huge range of benefits just for members.

Rigforce Discounted Membership

All Rigforce personnel can take advantage of our heavily discounted FIFO Families membership rate – please get in touch to find out more.

Welcome Pack

Each new member receives an exclusive welcome pack, including:

  • 20% off Paramount Group taxi services
  • 15% off Vision Financial Strategies
  • Free Financial Health Check with Acorn Life Path
  • Exclusive discounts with P&O cruises
  • 10% off premium services with Positive Parenting 101
  • Discount Session with Think Well Counselling


FIFO Families Discount Card

Your Rigforce FIFO Families Membership also gives you access to a bunch of great discounts on everything from everyday expenses to family holidays, including:

  • 5% off Woolworth’s gift cards which include Masters, Woolworths, BigW, BWS, Caltex and Dan Murphy’s
  • 10% off Emirates flights
  • 5% off David Jones Gift Cards
  • Discounted dining and accommodation throughout Australia and NZ
  • And much, much more – check out theFIFO Families website for all the details


Rigforce Personnel Benefits

Our company benefits aim to help with the things offshore workers need most as part of the job: insurance, travel, administration and support.

24/7 Support and Emergency Response

Whether it’s a pay query, a cancelled flight or an emergency, we’ve got people standing by ready to help you at any time of day, no matter where you are. You’ll talk to someone who has all of your information on hand – most likely someone you’ve met in person – and we’ll get the problem solved in the fastest possible time frame.

Global Insurance Benefits

Peace of mind is crucial when you’re working offshore. We provide 24/7 global medivac cover for our employees for any work related injuries or illnesses.

Rigforce personnel based in Australia can also take advantage of added private health cover through our HBF Corporate Membership, which includes:

  • Up to 12% off Hospital and Essentials cover
  • Up to 23% off home, landlords, car, boat and caravan cover
  • Up to 19% off travel insurance
  • Waived two-month and six-month waiting periods on most Hospital and Essentials services – see policy terms and conditions
  • Up to 52 weeks complimentary health cover, if on sick leave without pay (this does not apply to overseas visitor health cover). Members must  have been on an HBF Corporate health plan for 12 months
  • 26 weeks complimentary health cover for spouse and dependents in the event of your death (this does not apply to overseas visitors health cover)


Discounted Airline Lounge Access with Qantas

Rigforce personnel enjoy big savings off individual Qantas Club memberships through Flight Centre, including $130 off the joining fee.

Airline Rewards Points

As we manage this in house, we’re not locked into arrangements with travel or training providers, so we’re flexible with your travel arrangements. Subject to operator requirements, we can partner with your preferred airline to make sure you’re getting the full benefit of all those air miles.

Hands-free certification management

We handle all of your certs and licences in our central Certification and Training management system, so you’re always up to date and ready to work.

We’re always looking for ways to make working with Rigforce more valuable for our crew, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.


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From Deckhand to Dynamic Positioning Officer: a Rigforce career story.

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Ever looked at someone working offshore and wondered how they got there? This month we spoke to Assistant Driller Matt Smith, one of our crew aboard a Jack-up drilling rig.

Matt’s career has taken him all over the world, and we chased him up at home in Port Lincoln to ask him about the journey so far.

What were your first steps in your offshore oil and gas career?

I took the initiative to knock on some doors…

I had a strong background in the marine and aquaculture industries with Australian Fishing Enterprises (AFE), and I’d worked my way up to Skippering while completing my Master 5 and then my Master 4.

I spoke to some people in the know about the pre-requisite courses I needed and took a few weeks off in 2007 to travel across to Perth and do my BOSIET, Rigging and Dogging, and STCW95. I took the initiative to knock on some doors, and was lucky enough to be offered a roustabout position with Diamond straight off the bat. I first went out on the Ocean Epoch, then transferred onto the Ocean Shield, a new build jackup (subsequently acquired by Ensco).

What sort of career aspirations do you have? What sort of goals have you set?

Ultimately, I’d like to be drilling within 6 months of the rig coming to Australia. I’ve been an Assistant Driller now for close to five years and I feel like I’m ready. I’d also like to link my background in the marine industry with the drilling industry. I’d love to qualify as a Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO), and be involved in either a DP drillship, or DP semi.

Matt at Cyberchair Fundamentals training in Houston Texas in 2014

What was your first assignment like with Rigforce? How did it fit into your overall career goals?

I was first approached by Rigforce regarding a temporary assignment in Dubai. My dealings with Rigforce just seemed to be effortless in terms of organising my travel. They kept up constant contact while I was on board to see how I was going and if I was happy.

How did your first assignment with Rigforce transition into your second?

From my assignment in Dubai, I was offered the ongoing Assistant Driller position on the new build rig due to come to Australia. I never felt as if I was being dictated to; there were a lot of open questions and I always felt like I could contact anyone at Rigforce at any time and get an answer, if not in an hour, then within the day. I was never waiting for emails or phone calls, or left wondering what was happening.

How has Rigforce helped in your career development?

There’s a lot of support and a genuine care factor, not only for myself but the rest of the Rigforce crew. It’s stood out to me that Rigforce are trying very hard to ensure that the quality of the people they recruit is going to reflect their business and put them in a good light. I guess I already feel like I’ve been a part of the company, even though it’s been a relatively short time. I genuinely feel like these questions – what are my career goals? where do I see myself in future?- I’ve never been asked before. It always felt like I was sort of chasing it on my own and not moving any further down the path I wanted, or getting any closer to my broader goal of the DPO. Now I feel like I’ve got a partner there with me looking at that next step ahead, at my next career move and what I need to do to get there.

How do you view the relationship between yourself and Rigforce?

I find Rigforce extremely honest. I find it personal and I find it genuine.

Fantastic. It’s the first time that we as a family have ever received a Christmas card from a company – and not only that, it was handwritten! Things like that, and an email here or there from Dan prior to Easter, just little things like that make a big difference. I find Rigforce extremely honest. I find it personal and I find it genuine. I find that they have done a lot more in a short space of time for the overall employee base than I’ve ever seen before, little things like providing extra rig wireless access points for crew during ramp up (in Singapore), taking that upon themselves to try and better the situation for everyone. They are always pretty forward in terms of communicating any sort of issues with payroll or crew changes. You can basically get an answer from anyone that you talk to, an honest answer the same day. And as an important aside, I couldn’t do what I do without an amazing support network through my family.

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Offshore On Topic

Oil drilling rig in sunset time.

Welcome to the Rigforce Blog; Offshore On Topic 

Offshore On Topic gives you regular updates on all things Rigforce, as well as keeping you abreast of industry trends and market forces. Each week we’ll send information, insights and updates from around the world and cover everything on:

  • International oil and gas jobs and the labour market.
  • Rig operators and Oil companies
  • Exploration and Production News
  • New and current drilling campaigns
  • Global Oil Industry News
  • The offshore lifestyle
  • Training and certifications


To get started here’s a snapshot of who we are and where you’ll find us this year.

Who is Rigforce?

We are an international recruitment and manning services company specialising in both offshore and shore-based personnel involved with the oil and gas drilling industry.

Where are Rigforce operating?

Rigforce are headquartered in Australia with offices in the UK and Singapore. We work with clients across major oil and gas regions worldwide, including Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North Sea and Africa. We currently support crew rotating out of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, West Africa, Singapore and Australia.

For more information about anything we’re doing at Rigforce, please email us, register for our Quarterly newsletter or check our website.


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Welcome aboard Martin Flojgaard


This month we welcome Martin Flojgaard to Rigforce as our Principal Advisor in Employee and Industrial Relations matters.

Martin brings 38 years of experience in the offshore drilling industry to our team, having worked on rigs for Maersk Drilling and Reading & Bates Drilling Company, as well as shore-based support roles including country manager.

Based predominantly in Australia, Martin’s career has taken him to South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Many people know him for his work on the Otway Gas Project in the Bass Strait in 2005, and for the conversion and commissioning of the Vincent FPSO. The respect he has in the industry is built on his vast expertise across the many different aspects of an offshore project.

“I am very happy to join the Rigforce Team, who I consider the benchmark in the offshore drilling manning industry, both from a client and an employee point of view,” Martin said. “I appreciate the Rigforce approach of ‘people working with people,’ which can often get lost with service providers in our industry.”

We welcome Martin to the team and look forward to sharing the benefits of his experience with our clients and personnel.


Rigforce communications are intended to provide general information and commentary and should not be taken as professional or legal advice.